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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Design Build

The Design-Build Process is a construction method whereby a team of design-build professionals come together in the beginning of the project to design and later build a facility that meets or exceeds the customer’s vision.

We at Evergreen Design-Build understand that each project is unique and each customer has a different list of wants and needs. By bringing in the team of professionals early on, we can guide the customer through the process offering creative solutions with tried and true methods. The architects, engineers and skilled tradesmen we assemble have years of knowledge and experience that help us to value engineer the customer’s project. Spending more time during the design phase helps to alleviate problems and changes during the construction phase whereby saving the customer money. The end result is a quality on-time and on-budget project that the customer can take pride in.

We believe in the Design-Build approach so much that we have included it in our name!

Design Build Chart


This chart demonstrates how the Design-Build method streamlines the building process and can “fast track” your project. While we’re applying for grading permits and working drawings are being finalized, foundations can be poured and decisions can be made about the building’s interior.

The benefits to be gained by utilizing the Design-Build process with Evergreen include—

  • Single-source responsibility
  • Project costs established sooner
  • Condensed construction schedules
  • More innovative solutions
  • Greater control
  • Team approach
  • More experience
  • Unequaled quality
  • Fewer changes
  • Improved risk management 

Let Evergreen-Design Build guide you through the process on your next project!